Gilmore Girls Greetings Foundation

The Gilmore Girls Greetings Foundation is rooted in helping to inspire and empower girls and women! Our foundation focuses on three major pillars, to include, sexual abuse prevention, domestic violence healing, and incarcerated parenting. An extension of our work encompasses building healthy and strong relationships that promote growth and stability. Our Founder, Luciana Gilmore, has worn the face of all three pillars, so her passion to help is displayed through her constant efforts for change.

OUR MISSION is simple: To Heal, Inspire, and Empower for Impact That Changes the Trajectory!

While our mission is simple, there are many layers to our work, and therefore it will take the effort of communities around the world connecting arm in arm to impact for change. We invite you to take part in our mission through donations, volunteering at one of our events, and/or by attending one of our sponsored events.

This work will impact and influence the lives of many, and we hope to see you in the work with us as we make change happen!

Join us in creating our VISION to come to presence:

EMPOWERING, INSPIRING, and EDUCATING all FEMALES to be smart, and strong, and to live boldly on PURPOSE!

Upcoming Foundation Events