Just Know I Love You!


    Our “Just Know I Love You!” reads:

    I know I may not say it enough, but I love you.

    Daughter you are the best part of me and
    I love being your mother.

    You inspire me to be the best for you
    each and every day.

    I oftentimes daydream of what your life will
    become and it instantly puts a smile on my face
    because the possibilities are endless.

    I marvel on the many outcomes knowing
    Regardless you will be great.

    Love Mommy



    The Sugar & Spice Collection is here! Made on recycled cardstock our cards give meaning back to being impressionable statements of sentiments! This collection focuses on the change and growth we see in our daughters, their ups and down, and their growing pains! Six cards are wrote from a mother’s voice and one card is wrote from a daughter’s voice to her mom! You can purchase cards separately or purchase the series, either way you are guaranteed to put a smile on your daughters face with the message of inspiration and love in each one.

    Let Gilmore Girls Greetings, spark those lines of communication!


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