The Whole Girl Program

The Whole Girl Program

The Whole Girl Program will provide a curriculum that has been specifically created to help our girls successfully maneuver through social-emotional barriers that they are presented with on a daily basis. Developed by a former classroom teacher and school principal, the creator, Luciana Gilmore, understands the needs of our girls from an educational lens, but also from a personal lens. Luciana has a deep passion for wanting girls to lead successful lives, and while acknowledging her own background she is committed to ensuring that barriers that our girls are faced with are addressed with intentionality in a supportive environment. The Whole Girl Program has the foundation of the five core social-emotional standards(Self-Awareness; Social Awareness; Responsible Decision Making; Self- Management; and Relationship Skills) with a distinctive female perspective.

The Whole Girl Program is not only a social-emotional curriculum but it is also a structured network of girls who participate in the program. During our GIRLwork, monthly topics aligned with the targeted learning standards will be discussed. In addition, girls will be able to share and hear from other girls who are dealing with similar issues and concerns, in a safe environment while being supported. Our GIRLwork sessions are essentially the framework for building collaborative communities with our girls across various regions.

The goals of The Whole Girl Program are inclusive of:
● Build character and increase self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence
● Build sisterhood through collaborative work
● Instill accountability
● Develop and define short-term and long-term goals
● Increase academic commitment and learning achievement

While many programs can provide consultants to deliver curriculum, our program assigns linkage instructors based on the needs of the particular school. All school-level leaders engage in a pre-program conference session, at which time the school leader will discuss the particular concerns of their girl population, trending characteristics of their population of students, discipline occurrences, classroom dynamics, family involvement and/or concerns, and last but not least academic achievement. Given the information provided from this session, the school leader and program manager will determine the best linkage instructor aligned to fit the needs of the particular school so that success inevitable. Understanding that students are more vested when they connect with their instructor, The Whole Girl Program makes this a priority for our schools, by ensuring the linkage instructor is able to truly link the school, its educators and the girls who are of focus.

Incorporating The Whole Girl Program into your school will not only benefit your female population, but it will also help you increase your overall Conditions for Learning goals in all of the four areas to include, creating a safe and respectful environment, setting high expectations and challenging students to meet or exceed outlined expectations, having students feel supported, and engagement in social-emotional learning. The standards-based activities aligned throughout the program will also aid in your efforts to increase your Academic Performance Index in English Language Arts.

The Girl Coach and The Whole Girl Program has a mission:

“To Empower, Inspire, and Educate all GIRLS to be Smart, Strong, and Live Boldly on Purpose!”

Let us help you to transform your girl population of students!

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